Learn, Unlearn and Relearn - Alvin Toffler

| 26 August, 2015 10:37

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot Learn, Unlearn and Relearn." - Alvin Toffle, 'Future Shock'


Imagined, Real and Surreal Relationships – Tools for Creativity

| 21 December, 2013 09:40

A rate of change (gradient) may refer to relationships with time, distance or being – a physical or imaginary or perceived relationship.  Color gradients are progressions between colors at the same or different frequencies. Velocity and acceleration are relations between time and distance or space. More precisely, the gradient points in the direction of the greatest rate of increase of the function. (ie. Euclidean space vs. Orthonormal frames)

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Zey Blog on Time and Space and the effect of the Quantum

| 18 December, 2013 19:42

Both Galileo and Newton and most people up until the 20th century thought that time was homogenous in all quantities and direction.  My feeling is that time runs in strands depending on Quantum space and homogeneity of space. Today most people believe that Einstein's theory of relativity shows that the rates of time run differently depending on relative motion, adjacent mass and that space and time are merged into space-time.  

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The Artistic Ability and Creativity, a Relationship

| 16 December, 2013 17:38

People who buy art, now as in the past, are looking for the work of the artistic person who is practiced, persistent, enduring, creative and forward looking.  Lest we forget, art is a profession.  Some come to it quickly – some are still trying. Never give up and to yourself be true.

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A Dance, Creativity and the Photon - A Field Poling

| 16 December, 2013 17:22

This phenomenon, photon induced electric field poling, is an encoded pattern of local field orientations. The resulting encoded fields may be considered as a possible technology for computer storage. The encoded regions are optically active and thus may be a possibility for optical "read out".  ..

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Ed Zey - Approaching the Pavilion

| 13 December, 2013 10:33

Bravery - to go where others have not gone.. Many times the pavilion is constructed to offer a new view - a new understanding - an opportunity for new ideas - the Pavilion.

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Creativity: Fritz Zwicky, California Physics and “Dark Matter” (edzeyart.images)

| 12 December, 2013 20:20

In 1933 Fritz Zwicky discussed orbital velocities in the Milky Way  to account for evidence of "missing mass, ie dark matter."  Zwicky was known for his insight and creativity in the field of Cosmology.

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New Work at Ed Zey Art (check out edzeyart.images)

| 11 December, 2013 17:19

Ref - Gödel, Putnam, and Functionalism 2007 text, Buechner 

Thought -- an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind -- the action or process of thinking -- .  Not any abstract realization will do. Only those abstract realizations which satisfy the basic laws of math and reason are satisfactory. 

For art reference-Google: ed zey-When in Thought

Steve Jobs on Creativity - Art and Technology (edzeyart.images)

| 10 December, 2013 08:57

"Creativity is just connecting things." ...  Creative people are able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new concepts. Steve Jobs

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Famous People and Abstract Activities

| 27 October, 2012 09:55

What attributes in common apply to the works of Picasso, Shakespeare, Einstein and Mozart?  Are any of their works generally considered abstract in nature?  Reference -  Penone at Gagosian, London

Perfect Cleansing

| 03 June, 2012 17:32

‘The Perfect Cleansing’  O’my how they tried.  Figures have come – now they hide.  They bring their nefarious baggage;  they bring their power and loneliness.  But all together a Cleansing force which none can abide. 

This too can be changed, some escape, some add structure. Following the lines creates a rapture.  Feign not a new direction;

Hope is all we ask.  From these arrangements; a random pattern; A knowledge of things to come – a friend forever.

New Abstract drawing - google - ed zey perfect cleansing  © Ed Zey  6-1-12

Ed Zey Art and Technical Creativity

| 25 May, 2012 11:39

To review Artistic work, google:  Ed Zey Art;  To survey samples of Technical creativity and innovation, google:  Edward G. Zey

5-13-11 New Work ln Gallery II, Changing the Matrix

| 14 May, 2011 08:42

In this new abstract black and white drawing, Changing the Matrix, the viewer perhaps gets a hint of precognition and the subconscious mind. Jung has suggested that, in some cases, the subconscious mind can foresee future events to which the conscious is not privy. If you have additional ideas please comment.  Next blog  ~ A Mechanism for Time and ~Retorts of Life from the same series.